Longing for a Home

Our shelter is currently filled to capacity with cats. Because we have several long term residents we have decided to waive their adoption fee in hopes that they will find a forever home as soon as possible. In most shelters it is almost unheard of to keep cats for an extended period of time, but as long as we have room for them we will keep them as long as it takes. We have 7 cats that have been with us between 6 months and over a year and a half. These cats are in URGENT need of homes. They are FREE to good homes provided that an adoption application is filled out and approved. All of these cats are spayed/neutered, dewormed and vaccinated. We do long distance adoptions all the time and we will work with adopters to make travel arrangements. We have sent cats across Canada and as far as San Fransisco, USA, so please, if you have a loving home for one of these cats, there is no distance too great!

Pixie was brought to our shelter January 30, 2009 after she had a litter of kittens. Her owners decided there were too many cats in the household. Rather than keep Pixie and find homes for her kittens, the novelty of a new kitten outweighed the responsibility of taking care of the cat they’d had for over a year so the owners kept another one of her kittens while Pixie and her 2 kittens were surrendered to MLDHS. Pixie is a fantastic cat. She is very sweet and affectionate and loves attention but won’t pester you for it. She loves to be groomed and has a silky smooth coat that she will happily let you brush. Even though she has a medium length coat she is does not shed very much, if at all. Pixie gets along great with other cats and doesn’t mind dogs. She loves to stretch out on one of the perches in the communal cage and watch the hustle and bustle of the shelter. We have had several groups of students come to our shelter for visits and she does well with all of the attention. She is a shelter favorite amongst the volunteers and we still can’t believe she hasn’t found a home. Her forever home is out there, they just haven’t found her yet!

Puss n’ Boots is a 3 year old orange and white tabby female. Smokie is a grey and white female. They were surrendered from the same household on May 11, 2009 after their owner had developed allergies. They are both spayed and microchipped. They lived in a home with children and did well. They are both very outgoing cats and are always looking for attention. Puss n’ Boots loves to be brushed. She can most often be found lounging in a hammock. She is a very patient cat and is good with kids. When someone comes to visit the shelter Smokie is usually front and center, jumping up on the cage gate and reaching out to say hello. They both get along great with other cats and are good with dogs. These beautiful girls have been waiting over a year for a home. Please make their wait worth it and adopt!

Zeke is a 5 year old male orange and white tabby. He was brought to our shelter October 14, 2009 after he was rescued from an unfortunate situation. He lived on a farm where his owners used him and his 2 farm mates as mousers, but did not care for them properly or provide regular food. Zeke was literally starved both for food and attention. He came to our shelter underweight, but with several months of food and love, he is as good as new! Zeke is our resident dog lover. He is the only cat who will actively seek out the dogs to cuddle up to. As soon as he is let out of the communal cage he runs up to the dog cages and rubs up against them. He loves attention and loves to be brushed. He gets along great with other cats. He enjoys spending time outside, but also loves to cuddle up on a nice soft bed indoors. He may have been an excellent mouser but cats cannot survive on mice alone and need to be fed regularly. Hopefully he will find a forever home that will give him the love and care he deserves.

Autumn is a 9 year old calico female. She was brought to our shelter October 23, 2009 when she showed up on a farm, emaciated and in poor body condition. She was skin and bones and her coat was dry and full of dandruff. She has put on quite a bit of weight since being at the shelter…maybe too much! We have learned that free feeding a cat that has been starved is not such a great idea, as she assumes every meal is her last, and eats accordingly. Even though she is now pleasantly plump, she is a very sweet old girl. She loves to be brushed and will sit in your lap and soak up all of the attention. She gets along with other cats and doesn’t mind the barking dogs. Please don’t let her age deter you from adopting; cats have been known to live up to 25 years if taken care of properly! If that’s the case, then this girl isn’t even middle aged! Please give this beautiful girl a comfortable home to call her own!

Vincent is a 4 year old male tuxedo cat. He was brought to our shelter on December 2, 2008. He was adopted January 10, 2009 and enjoyed a year being in a home before he was returned March 27th because his owner was moving to an apartment that did not allow pets. Vincent is a great cat who has had a difficult life. He lost both of his ears to frost bite after enduring a cold winter outdoors. What he lacks in ears he makes up for in heart! He is a very affectionate boy but will not pester you for attention. You can pet him, walk away, and he will still be in the same spot you left him when you return. He is very patient! He loves to perch on your shoulder and purr loudly in your ear. He gets along great with other cats but he does not like dogs. In his previous home he was very polite and did not scratch the furniture. He kept his scratching to a scratching pad his owner purchased. He is a one person cat and will be devoted to you if you offer him a warm lap to curl up on. He loves to sit out in the sun and relax in the warm rays. He was an indoor cat at his previous home, but enjoys spending time outdoors in the fenced in enclosure at the shelter. It took him a few days to warm up to the idea of being outside but once he finally went out, he thoroughly enjoyed himself! We hope Vincent will get his second chance at a forever home.

If you have room in your heart and home for one (or more!) of these long term shelter cats then please visit our website www.mldhs.petfinder.com to fill out an adoption application!

Please save a life and adopt!


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