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Going the Distance

When it comes to finding the perfect pet, it seems that there is no distance too great for adopters to travel to bring home their new family member.

MLDHS is no stranger to long distance adoptions. We have adopted animals all over the province, across the country and even to the United States! When potential adopters look at our website and fall in love with one of our animals, they go the distance (literally) to retrieve their long distance pet.

We have received a lot of compliments from long distance adopters on the quality of our website and adoption profiles. We strive to make the most of this valuable resource¬† as it contributes substantially to our adoption rate. We include a detailed pet bio, good quality photos, and a video in with every adoptable pets’ bio. That way, it gives long distance adopters the chance to “meet” the animals and view their personalities in a way that most shelter’s bios cannot.

“This is dog #42565 he is a nice dog” is not an effective way to advertise and promote adoptable pets. We believe that it is in our animals best interest to go above and beyond and make their profiles as detailed as possible to give them the best possible chance at finding a forever home. And sometimes we get lucky and make a long distance match!

One memorable match we’ve made was Tom. Tom was a HUGE husky cross that was abandoned in a northern community.

His adopter saw him on our petfinder website and said that once he looked into those big brown eyes he knew that he had to have him. He made the long trek from Rochester, New York to Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan in the middle of winter to pick up his new best friend! The love for man’s best friend knows no bounds!

We currently have 2 dogs with pending long distance adoptions. Both Hannah and Jess have adopters that are driving and flying to retrieve them! Hannah will be heading to British Columbia and Jess will be heading to the Northwest Territories!

If you are looking for a new family member, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. There are great dogs and cats in shelters across the country and if you can’t find what you’re looking for close to home, then look a little further. We may just have your new best friend waiting for you in our shelter!


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