Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.

Something that very few people realize when dealing with our shelter is that the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society operates solely on the work of volunteers.

We are a very small group of volunteers who all have our own jobs, own families, own pets, and own lives, but despite all of our other commitments, we make the time to contribute towards MLDHS. Many people assume that volunteering for the Humane Society is a “crappy” job that involves scooping poop. That is a very small (depending on how many animals we have!) part of volunteering. People volunteer in several different capacities – all of which are crucial to the survival of our shelter.

Answering phones and emails

Taking photos of adoptable animals

Maintaining the website


Being a Board Member

Walking & Hiking with dogs

Training dogs

Grooming dogs

Cuddling kitties

Cleaning the shelter

Organizing fundraisers


Maintenance & Repair

Carpentry projects

School Presentations

Transporting animals

Meeting adopters

Looking after vet care

It is amazing that our shelter is as progressive as it is being run solely on volunteers. It is estimated that in a year MLDHS logs over 2500 hours of volunteer work. We are on call 24/7: volunteers are woken up in the middle of the night to go do intakes, have to take time away from their own jobs to take animals to the vet, and have to take time away from families to meet potential adopters at the shelter. It is a hard job, and it is often a thankless job, but it is worth it.

The gift of time is priceless when the end result is seeing a dog or cat that you’ve spent every day with finally find its forever home.

I am so proud to be involved in such a devoted group of volunteers. With everyone working together, we volunteers are able to run our shelter effectively and efficiently. We are a great example of teamwork; a diverse group of individuals working together towards a common goal of protecting, caring for, and loving the animals that come through our doors, until they find their forever homes. We contribute our time as much as we can, when we can, and every little bit helps!








So on behalf of the 101 dogs and 63 cats that we have found forever homes for so far this year, and the 8 dogs 25 cats that currently call our shelter home…..


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    Karen H said,

    Aww….Jillian – that made me teary! Thanks to you and Jeff too!

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