Night #1 Extreme Sleepover: Shelter Edition

A Recap of my first night at the shelter!

10:00pm I arrive. Throw in a load of laundry.

10:15pm Started the Selection Process for my sleeping buddy….These three were in the running, until they treated my bed like a bouncy castle!

10:30pm Rewrote names on the white board (Look at all those fostered dogs! (4 are at my house, but I digress!) And I realize I forgot to write Bear on there! I knew I was missing someone!

10:45pm No sleepover is complete without giving puppy Angelo his Lice Bath! Upon closer inspection, his lice seems to have cleared up! He is not as happy about it as I am!

Autumn supervises bath time.

11:00pm Blowing Bubbles for Kittens.

11:30pm Switch Laundry. Now,  Bed Time! Since Autumn refused to go back into her kennel, she won the prize of sleeping buddy for night #1!

All ready to go to bed!

11:45pm My next door neighbors McD and Spike are blanket thieves!

12:00am The dogs finally settled down.

12:05am Feral Mama cat starts yowling. I think she’s in heat. Reminder to book spay appointment!

12:30am…and then THIS guy started crying. Into my bed he goes!

12:45am Dryer Buzzer goes off and scares the crap out of me.

12:50am Buzzer goes off again. Oh my nerves!

1:00am  Give a dog an inch…and they’ll take up the whole bed! I was very squished against the chain link, but at least Autumn was comfortable. We spooned the entire night.

2:00am – despite not wanting to wake everyone up, I sneak to the bathroom. As sneakily as one can sneak trying to get off of a semi-deflated air mattress!

2:05am. Back to bed. Autumn assumes spooning position.

4:00am Brrr…I am cold! Change Angelo thinks it’s a great time to chew on my hand.

4:05am Kitty hears me awake and starts meowing. Shh Kitty!

4:10am Angelo turns his attention to the teddy bear, must taste better than my hand.

4:30am I am thankful for the night lights Karen purchased and installed. Allows me to look around at my kennel mates and see them sleeping contently.

5:00am Back to sleep.

6:00am The blanket thief is awake! Good Morning kisses from Spike!

6:30am lay in my little cocoon for awhile. Dogs are starting to wake up.

7:00am Let dogs outside. Do another load of Laundry

7:10am Put my flowers in a vase!

7:30am Night one of Shelter Sleepover Complete!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $1000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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  1. 1

    mldhs said,

    you forgot the part where we texted from 4:34- 4:57 ! Just because you can’t sleep doesn’t mean I shouldn’t 🙂

  2. 3

    I can’t imagine trying to sneak to the bathroom without waking everyone! 🙂

  3. 4

    […] August I did the Extreme Sleepover: Shelter Edition fundraiser for the Off Leash Dog Park. The response to the fundraiser was overwhelming and I […]

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