Night #5 – Extreme Sleepover: Shelter Edition

Fundraising total thus far is $1930!

Recap of Night #5 at the shelter.

11:50pm Arrive at the shelter! I am sensing an animal pattern theme with my PJs!

11:55pm My board has some more info on it!

12:00am Turn lights out to calm dogs down. I am determined to have a decent sleep! I moved my bed into the communal kitten cage. Jasmine made herself at home!

12:05am Paula and Randy visit and bring cookies! I love cookies, I mean, visitors!

12:20am Paula and Randy leave. I lay down with the kittens. I have a kitty butt in my face!

12:25am Midnight likes to chew on my blackberry and camera strap.

12:30am Jasmine attacks my feet.

12:35am Bud is not very graceful. Watching him try to navigate around the perches and condos. He falls off a perch, and finally ends up in the hammock…and then feels he can go even higher? I think he’s trying to escape.

12:40am my neighbor kittens keep reaching through the fence to grab me. At least they’re not stealing my blankets!

12:45am Dogs are still barking away. Hope they settle down soon!  The kittens are all conspiring together to hide my glasses and camera. I’m on to them…

12:50am Bud’s great escape attempt continues. Where does he want to go? Higher!

Cue Mission Impossible Music..dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. do do dooooooo do do doooooooo do do doooooooo duh dun.

1:00am I bring the neighboring kittens in with me, bringing my kitten total to 9. Oh yeah, this is absolutely conducive to sleep.

1:05am. I’ve discovered a downside to sleeping in the cat cages….I’m right next to the toilet. Errrrr…

1:20am Kittens play with jingle balls. Jingle jingle jingle. I steal one and hide it under my pillow. Whatever happened to good old quiet toys…like string?! Or bugs? Kittens these days…

1:30am One of the kittens is growling and hissing. It’s Bud who is following the playing kittens around grumbling “that’s my toy, don’t touch that…that’s mine too…stop touching it!”

2:00am Bud is a butt sniffer. You heard it here first!

2:10am Fifi has a mustache! It’s not even Movember! It’s Mogust! Hahahahahahhahahaha! Oh my god I need sleep!

3:50am A cat in the next cage screams. Goooooood morning!

5:00am I need to pee….but don’t want to get up and wake up the dogs, so I snuggle with kittens and note the resemblance to my own cats at home. “You’re like a baby Ferdinand! You’re like a baby Mifnight” (f intended!)..wait you ARE a baby Mifnight!” Nothing like baby talk at 5am!

5:20am there’s a kitten in my ear!

5:30am Bud continues to growl at small kittens playing with his toys. “I SAID STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF!”

5:40am there are several kittens on and around my full bladder….how long can I put this off before I wet the bed?

5:45am Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? I’ve had that all night. Hello Cosmo! “Pssssst….Hey…you there….got any ‘nip?”

5:50am one too many kittens bouncing around on my bladder. I give in. You win this time!

6:00am Night #5 complete!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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    Marcie said,

    Hang in there Jill! Your amazing! Donating today at ICU!!!! We will have you out soon!!

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