Night #10 – Extreme Sleepover: Shelter Edition

Fundraising total is $4050! $950 more to go! *happy dance*

Recap of Night #10!

10:00pm Arrive at the shelter. The dogs are eerily quiet. Their nerves are probably shot from the all day thunder showers!

10:10pm Go and let flea dog out of her kennel. She was groomed today and looks so much better than the fur massacre I did!  Her name is now Kayi, Inuit for “drifting snow”.

10:20pm Let BK the kitten out to join us in the office. Dogs start barking a bit. Ziggy lost his voice! His bark has been reduced to a raspy squeak. Hooray!

10:30pm Go through the cat vaccination book, cross off who’s been adopted and make a list for who’s due for shots.

10:35pm Same with the dog vaccination book.

10:40pm BK thinks he’s helping.

10:40pm Decide to tackle the mess that is the computer cabinet, where paperwork goes to pile up and be forgotten about.

10:45pm My pile of papers to sort through.

11:00pm Kayi is very patient as I pile papers on top of her. Reminiscing over animals long adopted as I see copies of their adoption contracts. I can’t remember where I park my car some days, but I can remember all of these animals!

11:15pm Look at it! I can see the desk top! It’s almost sad how excited this makes me!

11:30pm I continue tidying in the office. BK observes.

11:45pm I give in and turn on the heat. The rain has cooled things down a lot! Off to bed! Kayi will be joining me again, as she’s pretty chilly and in need of some cuddles.

12:00am Bedtime snuggles with BK.

3:00am Why am I all wet?! I wake up and discover BK knocked a vase and flowers on me. I really should get up and ..zzzzzzzzzz

5:00am …Dry off. Put my blankets in the dryer. It looks like I wet the bed!

5:10am While I wait, BK attacks my leg.

5:20am Fresh from the dryer and OH SO TOASTY!

5:25am Grab an extra blanket from my kitten cage bed and pop it in the dryer.

5:30am Yeah…That’s the stuff…

5:35am Curl up in my toasty cocoon. Turn on the baseboard heater by my head. Must try not to catch my pillow on fire.

5:40am I hear a fly buzzing in the fly paper again…oh the guilt.

6:00am Dogs start barking a bit. Kayi won’t come to bed. She’s standing and staring at Buster. I assure her he is not a real dog.

6:15am She finally lays down. I share my blankets with her.

8:00am ACK! Fly in my ear! The guilt is gone! I hope you get stuck on the fly paper!

8:15am Lay in bed listening to the rain..why won’t it stop!?

8:45am Fold up my bedding. The shelter is leaking from all the rain!

8:50am Kayi sees a great opportunity for a drink!

9:00am Looks like there was a flower party in here!

9:10am I put BK and K back in their kennels.

9:15am Night #10 complete!

(don’t they do this in prison?)

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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