Night #11 – Extreme Sleepover: Shelter Edition

Fundraising total still at $4050. No new donations since my last count. Uh oh! We still have $950 left to raise until we reach $5000!

I’ll break it down in attainable terms.

If 950 people donated $1

or 190 people donated $5

or 95 people donated $10

or 47.5 people donated $20 (anyone know of half a person?)

See what I’m getting at? Every little bit helps!

Recap of night #11.

9:30pm Arrive at shelter. Let dogs outside. Ziggy gets into a fight with McD and has him pinned down by the neck. After yelling, trying to pry apart with brooms, squeegees, and whatever else I could find in the dark (Note to self: replace light bulbs outside), I did what I KNOW I’m not supposed to do and grabbed for Ziggy’s collar. Let this be a teaching moment! McD chomped down on my finger. Thankfully it’s just bruised and swollen. McD sounded like he was dying and I was desperate to save the day so my sleep deprived brain went against my better judgment and I got bit. Stupid me.
What did we learn today class? Don’t grab for collars in a dog fight!

9.35pm I put the rest of the dogs outside and wrap my finger in cold face cloth to stop the swelling.

9:45pm Jeff arrives. We have the shift tonight so we get to work. He feeds dogs and cleans cages. I clean litter boxes and vacuum cat cages. I let cats out to stretch their legs.

9:50pm Paula arrives.

10:oopm She prepares vaccine, which by the look on her face, is VERY serious business.

10:05pm Do you know what else is serious business? Vacuuming my face…yep. Lack of sleep has made me officially insane.

10:10pm Cats first.

10:45pm Then dogs.

11:00pm Put cats and dogs away. We put a coat on Kaya so she’s not so chilly. She’s very stylish! Jeff says she looks like Superman’s dog Krypto.

Woah, it’s like looking into a mirror!

11:15pm One of the cats is still in the office. She knocked over my pile of bedding and made herself comfortable. I decide to let her stay the night. I can never get her name right..Dutchess? No. Princess? No. Jeff reminds me that it’s Buttercup.  This happens several times.

11:25pm Paula and I shave Mudflap. Isn’t this what normal people do on a saturday night?

11:40pm. I make my bed. Kaya and Mudflap refused to move so I made the bed with them in it.

11:45pm Kaya comes out from under the covers and settles in to sleep.

11:47pm Buttercup wants nothing more than to snuggle with Kaya. Kay Kay wants nothing to do with Buttercup.

11:50pm Buttercup gets closer…

11:55pm….And closer….

11:57pm…And even closer still…

12:00am Buttercup wins! Kaya sighs and goes to sleep. No point in resisting a cat on a mission.

Jeff, Paula and I visit for a bit. Paula let’s Leela out to join my sleepover.

Paula sets up fly paper next to my bed. I can’t get them open without ripping them!

12:31pm My furry companions and I are all tucked in! Jeff and Paula leave.

1:00am Cats are having another Ninja battle in the outdoor enclosure.

5:00am Wake up for bathroom break. Leela follows.

5:05am Back to bed. Buttercup snuggles in.

6:00am There is a fly buzzing around my head and periodically landing on my face.

6:05am I try to hit the fly and slap myself in the face.

6:10am *slap*

6:25am *slap*

6:30am *slap*

6:45am *slap*

7:00am *slap* SERIOUSLY!?!

8:45am Dogs wake up and start barking. I am slow moving as my lower back and hips hurt from the cement floor. I grab the counter and pull myself off the floor and hobble like a 90 year old and go let them outside.

8:50am I’ve got the cleaning/feeding shift this morning so I get to work. If anyone’s ever wondered what’s involved in a shelter shift, today is your lucky day!

Feeding Dogs & Cats

Sweeping or Vacuuming Floors (and your face, if the mood strikes you), and mopping.

Scooping Litter Boxes

And everyone’s favorite, Scooping poop!

Turns out I don’t have the shift after all….maybe I should learn to read! I’ve got the shift tonight. Oops!

9:30am Night #11 complete! (I’m going cross-eyed!)

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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