Night #1 – Extreme Sleepover 2: A Not-So-Silent Night

Donation Total: $75

Temperature: -6.

4:30pm Arrive at shelter to get myself settled.


5:00pm Leave shelter.

8:15pm Arrive at shelter for the evening. Allow me to introduce you to my K9 companions for the duration of this fundraiser.

8:20pm Start cleaning shift.

9:03pm Jeff fixed the leaky washing machine. Start a load of laundry. Fingers crossed for no leaks!

9:10pm Success! The washer is fixed! Now to catch up on all that laundry!

9:15pm Finish cleaning cat cages while visiting with Jackie. This cat makes it difficult to get much work done!


So do these ones!


9:25pm Jackie leaves.

9:27pm The dogs start their barking. I hope it’s not a taste of things to come!

9:50pm Pick my sleeping buddy for the night. I end up picking two; Forryst and Pagan, two dogs we rescued from Pagan lake in October. This lake is in a remote area so it is very likely that they were dumped there to fend for themselves. They were discovered by a group of people who stopped there for lunch and informed MLDHS of their whereabouts.


10:00pm Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Kittens check out their new neighbor.


10:07pm Bed time! Jeff leaves.


10:09pm Forryst is sniffing and scratching at cat cage next door, then goes out the dog door. There’s another difference from last year; I was able to close the dog doors, now they are free swinging ones that cannot be latched shut, so I get a draft of cold air every time the dogs go in and out.


10:11pm Forryst is eating my blanket.

10: 13pm Forryst goes outside

10: 14pm Forryst comes inside

10:15pm Pagan goes outside

10:16pm Pagan comes inside.

10:17pm Pagan goes back outside.

10:18pm Kitties play with their jingle ball toys. Jingle jingle jingle.

10:19pm Forryst sniffs at the cat cage. Cat growls in disapproval.

10:20 pm Pagan comes back in. IN OR OUT DOGS?! Quit letting the draft in!

10:30pm Forryst yawns. Could it be time for sleep NOW?!


10:50pm Bedtime: Take 2!


10:58pm I receive a text from Paula asking if I’m using her blanket. I resent the blanket thief accusation! 🙂 My bedding has all been graciously donated to the shelter by our wonderful supporters. Not sure they had this in mind when they donated it!

1:55am I can’t feel my legs! Both boys are laying on top of me. I roll over and stretch.

1:57am someone In the next cage is using the Litter box. I hear the scratch scratch scratch, kick kick kick of the litter. Sniff sniff…eww.

1:58am Forryst is licking his feet then burps. Must have been good!

2:08am I need to pee, but the boys have me pinned under my blankets. Range of motion is very limited and I hate to wake them as it will likely start a wave of barking. Less than 5 hours until my alarm. I think I can hold it. I think I can, I think I can.


2:09am the heater is making a terrible buzzing noise. Oh wait, it stopped.

2:11am Back to sleep. I think I can, I think I can.

2:16am Jake starts whining. I shush him.

2:20am Someone else starts whining. Forryst tries to say hello to cats again. They are up and about playing. Jingle jingle jingle

2:23am Someone starts clanging their bowl. It’s not breakfast time yet! A bunch of dogs are up.

2:40am Everyone settles down again.

5:07am A cat screams. AHH! Forryst or Pagan (or both) go outside.

5:11am Dogs back in and assume their positions of pinning my blankets down to the bed so I can’t move. At least it keeps the heat in!

7:00am There goes my alarm. Pagan looks so peaceful, I hate to wake him.


7:03am I fall out of bed and look around for my slipper. I only find one.

7:05am I turn on the light and resume my search. Found it! Outside….covered in snow. Gee thanks dogs! I throw my slipper in the dryer.



7:08am put Forryst and Pagan back in their kennels and start getting ready for work.

7:15am Wash up. Turns out there is leak in the shower head and I ended up inadvertently spraying a bunch of cats and leaked water all over the floor. Oops.


7:30am Smoothie time!


7:35am Switch wet laundry to dryer and start a new load. Clean up my smoothie mess.

7:40am Night one complete! Off to work! (Minus the kitten)


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail

Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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