Night #5 – Extreme Sleepover Shelter Edition 2: A Not-So-Silent-Night

Donation Total: $2075

Temperature: -31(feels like -42)

10:05pm Arrive at shelter

10:10pm Interrupt a hammock dispute between two older kittens


10:30pm Give all the dogs a cookie for a bedtime treat. Let Knight out to wander around. What a sweet boy.

10:37pm Pagan spilled his water. I opened his door to retrieve his pail and he slipped past me and bolted towards Knight. They had a little scuffle but everyone was fine. My nerves however, continue to be shot!

10:45pm Put the dogs back in their respective corners.

10:48pm Fix up my bed under the close supervision of these guys.


10:50pm Jeff drops off more clothes.

10:55pm Pick my sleeping buddy for the night, Lady!


10:58pm I go into my kennel and kick off my slippers. One lands wedged on top of the water bucket, but doesn’t get wet. Phew!


11:00pm Feeling pretty down, exhausted and homesick tonight. Lady senses my distress and comes and lays in my lap and kisses my face. My heart swells. How do dogs know when we need them the most?


This is why I do this. This shelter is my heart and has given me so much over the past 8 years. It’s worth a few nights of discomfort to fundraise for my home away from home so we can continue to provide a safe place for these loving animals.


11:30pm Get some more snuggles in with Lady and drift off to sleep.

12:45am I need to pee, but don’t want to get up. Not sure if it’s not wanting to wake the dogs, laziness, or a combination of both.

5:00am Answer the call of the bladder since it’s going to beat the door down if I don’t. I don’t see Lady anywhere. She comes in from outside. Must have gotten too hot with the extra heater as she feels like she’s been out there for awhile.

5:07am Forryst starts his squealing bark but settles down.

5:10am Lady crawls under the covers.


5:15am Lady slobbers all over my face and crawls on top of me for hugs. What a goof.


5:24am A cat meows loudly MROORRW, so I meow in return. Oh my dog I’m starting to speak the language…

5:30am Lady tries to eat my glasses. I think I would be more upset if I didn’t have 6 other pairs. Grateful for


5:37am Listen to the kittens play, or more like wrestle. Sounds like some sort of death match going on.

5:52am Back to sleep.

6:30am. Can’t sleep. Get up, put Lady in her kennel.

6:40am Give everyone a cookie.

6:45am Start the jeep and bring my frozen bathing suit to put in dryer. Lane swimming starts at 7:00am. I mostly go so I can have a shower.

6:50am Grab my bathing suit and change of clothes for work and head out.

6:55am Night #5 complete!


….Or not

Locked the shelter and ended up locking myself out of my running vehicle.


In an extreme windchill of -42.

With no hat or mittens.


Oh my dog.

Cell phone has 10% battery power.

6:55am I happen to be texting my friend Amber. She says she will send her husband Phil to rescue me. My phone promptly dies.

7:05am I can’t feel my nose and fingers. Is this how it’s going to end? I really thought I would go out in a blaze of glory, not as a frozen Popsicle.

7:08am Phil arrives. I leave my running vehicle in the shelter parking lot. It should run out of gas soon.

7:10am Night # 5 Complete. For real this time!

Thanks to Phil and Amber for the rescue from imminent frost bite and for the use of your shower, to fellow New Brunswicker Melissa for driving me to work and to Jeff for using his coat hanger skills to get into my Jeep. I have many heroes his morning!

And remember…


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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    Lexi said,

    After doing this myself – but not in a bad situation like this, I have hidden a spare key in a magnetic holder somewhere on my truck….. muahaha

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