Extreme Sleepover 3 – Night #1

Temperature: -26 (Feels like -31)
Donation Total: $320

5:30pm Arrive at shelter


5:45pm Feed dogs their supper.

6:00pm Cats are fed and watered.

6:30pm Zinnia the kitten gets adopted! I think she loves them already!


6:45pm Let some cats out to stretch their legs.

7:00pm let dogs out to play for a bit. They’ve been cooped up after a weekend of -40. Get started creating my bed.




Pepper comes in to oversee the operation.

Since I took over their kennel, Rosie and Pepper win the prize of my first sleepover partners!


Rosie is a 4 year old Shepherd Mix who came to our shelter in March as a surrender from a Canine Action Project Spay/Neuter Clinic. Pepper is a 7 year old Black Lab mix that came as a stray who had been seen running at large around the city for a few months but no one could catch him. He always looked like he was on a mission! Finally someone managed to trap him in a fenced in tennis court and he came to our shelter. Shortly after Pepper’s arrival, these two have been inseparable! We’ve been trying to find them a home together but haven’t had much luck as placing one large dog is difficult enough, let alone two!

7:15pm Slick helps with laundry.

7:20pm Puff makes out with my back pack.
7:30pm Rosie wants some snuggles.
7:35pm I guess Pepper approves of my bed creation.
7:43pm Leave to go find something for supper. Dog food is gross. Not speaking from personal experience or anything.

8:30pm Back to the shelter. Let Nelly out for some one on one. She’s a doll!

Nellie’s First Selfie!


9:00pm Put Nelly away. Put the finishing touches on my “bedroom”


9:05pm Everyone gets a bedtime snack.

9:10pm Time for bed. Pepper refuses to get up so I can get in bed. Jerk.

9:15pm Pepper relocates to the foot of the bed. I lay down.


Rosie sits beside me and then plops down and sighs deeply like she’s been waiting forever to lay down and cuddle. She melts my heart!


9:30pm The dogs start barking. The neighbor cats chime in with their meowing harmonies. Hopefully the last chorus before bed!

9:50pm. Everyone settles down. Off to sleep.

9:58pm Lights flick on. Dogs start barking away. Out pops Paula baring gifts of a Microwave, breakfast, earplugs and a donation from our friend Tanis. Thank you!


(and upon reading the instructions now, I was trying to jam them into my ear canal…oops)

10:10pm Paula leaves. Lights out!

10:30pm Someone tries to get a chorus of howling going, but it fizzles out quickly. Nice try!

11:00pm A cat in the communal next door scratches on the wall. I think it’s trying to communicate.

11:30pm Rosie finally picks a spot curled up beside me under the covers. Pepper has been planted firmly on my legs since I laid down.


12:00am Pepper wanders around, has a drink. Contemplates going outside but can’t seem to figure out how to get behind the blanket blocking the dog door. I point and whisper yell  “Pepper, Pepper, PEPPER, go around!” He licks my hand and goes back to the foot of the bed.

1:15am Dogs start barking.

1:16am Aaaaand they’re done.

4:00am The Shih Tzu starts randomly growling and gets everyone going, but it doesn’t last long.

6:00am Nothing like the smell of cat poop to wake a girl up in the morning!  Yeesh! One of the neighbour cats is completing it’s daily ritual.

8:00am Everyone is still sleeping. I am amazed. I hear one of the dogs snoring away.

8:16am I need to get out of bed…but don’t want to disturb the dogs. Animal shelter problems…

8:17am I yawn and wake everyone up. The barking commences. Oops.

8:20am I feed all the dogs their breakfast, clean up some presents left by the new Shih Tzu impound, and check food and water levels in cat cages. Rosie follows me around.

8:35am I hear a rustling sound. Rosie found a bag of treats and helped herself. BUSTED!


9:00am I put Rosie back in her cage. Pepper already took over my bed. That didn’t take long!

Night #1 complete!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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