Extreme Sleepover 3 – Night #3

Temperature: -12 (Feels like -19)
Donation Total: $570

6:00pm Arrive at shelter. Let some kitties out and start cleaning litter boxes, feeding and watering cats.

6:10pm Hutch thinks he’s helping…

6:30pm Feed the dogs supper and put outside.

7:00pm Sweep out and mop dog kennels. Pepper helps me clean up wayward kibbles.


7:10pm Found Fluffernutter’s milkbone stash. Sneaky Shih Tzu!


7:15pm Puff takes over Pepper’s bed. Oh the inhumanity of it all!

10377375_10152407328046432_3787142324787153302_n 1526667_10152407327916432_7097283804359838474_n

7:20pm Volunteer Shirley brings treats and comes to visit Pepper and Rosie, though Rosie is busy barking with other dogs outside. Pepper automatically knows she’s in the building and starts to whine with excitement. Shirley is his favourite person! She takes them for walks and road trips and all sorts of fun stuff!

7:30pm Christmas music on the radio. I belt out a duet of the Christmas Song with Michael Buble to the horrified looks from various cats. Sorry guys. Got caught up in the moment!

7:45pm Put cats in their cages and go find something for supper.

9:00pm Come back to shelter. Volunteers Kevin and Kara are visiting with the animals. I bring dogs inside.

9:15pm I take on the least favourite task and clean the floor drain. I extract what feels like 50lbs of sludge. Be thankful smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented. So like any reasonable individual would do…I make a sludge-man. Complete with fancy hat!


9:30pm I start putting up Christmas decorations in the office.


I have some kitty helpers.


10:10pm Kara wishes a good sleep to each of the dogs and gives them a treat and heads home. The kitties got lots of playtime tonight! We’ve got some pretty awesome volunteers who make sure the critters in our shelter are well taken care of! No shortage of love in this building!

10:30pm Pick my sleeping buddies for the night. Finnegan and Ghost. This is probably a terrible idea. Finnegan is super hyper but he brings Ghost out of his shell. Finnegan is basically Ghost’s service dog. Ghost is a dog who has been running at large with a leg injury for many months. He was incredibly scared of people and would not allow himself to get caught. After many failed attempts at catching him made by many volunteers and members of the public, by some weird twist of fate he was caught in a snare trap someone had left out for wildlife, and brought to the vet. Finnegan was brought in a couple months ago as a stray and never claimed. He is a lovable goof, though is still a pup so has lots of energy to burn! Ghost has become Finnegan’s shadow. If you need Ghost to go somewhere, let Finnegan go first and he will be two steps behind!


Ghost is skeptical of my plan…


11:00pm I get Ghost and Finn into the kennel. They wander around a bit then Ghost finds the doggy door and slips outside. Finnegan flops down on the bed and rests his front legs on my windpipe. Thanks for the doggy choke hold, Finn. He’s either very clumsy or homicidal. I’ll go with clumsy as a homicidal dog doesn’t really scream “adopt me!”

11:10pm Ghost keeps poking his head in each dog door like a ground hog. Finn climbs under my covers.

11:15pm Rosie keeps growling at Ghost so he’s scared to come in.

11:17pm Ghost finally comes in and sniffs my hand. Progress! Considering this dog is terrified of everything!

11:18pm A cat next door jumps and Ghost gets startled. The dogs are barky and restless tonight.

11:20pm Off to sleep!


11:25pm The dogs bark, and bark, and bark. So I join in. If you can’t beat em…join em!

11:32pm I hear a chewing sound. I think Finn is trying to eat my blanket.

11:37pm Finn crawls under the covers again and curls up behind my knees. He’s a super snuggler!

11:38pm Somebody pooped. Still doesn’t smell as bad as drain sludge.

11:42pm Laundry buzzer goes off. Sets off a dog barking.

11:45pm A vehicle pulls up to the mechanic shop next door with super loud bass and gets the dogs barking. Then he starts screaming at the dogs to shut up. You started it buddy!

12:17am Vehicle next door revs it’s engine. Dogs bark. You suck.

4:00am We interrupt this sleepover for a breaking development…Ghost is on the bed! Finnegan is laying beside me. My blankets appear intact. Good boy!


4:10am My feet are sweating in 2 pairs of socks. I try to take them off without disturbing Ghost. Much harder than it sounds. I completely fail at taking them off with my toes. My monkey forefathers would be so ashamed.

4:37am My life has become a constant state of “somebody pooped”, this time courtesy of my friendly neighbour cats… Again.

6:00am Someone barks.

6:30am Guess what?! Somebody pooped!!!

8:00am Time to get up. Finn and Ghost are sleeping soundly. I am impressed at how well they did overnight. Not a peep from either one. Wish I could say the same for the rest of the barking dogs! I roll onto the floor and Finnegan thinks it’s time to play. No, it’s time to pee, move it bud!

8:10am Put Ghost and Finn back in their kennels and feed everyone breakfast. Rosie follows me around.

8:15am Put my clothes in the dryer and eat breakfast. Rosie Observes, hoping for some muffin crumbs.


….and then turns into a reindeer.



8:30am I let Fluffernutter out so I can bring him to the vet. As soon as I turn my back…”The cat did it!” Nice try bud!


8:50am Drop a very happy Fluffernutter off at the vet. Happy neuter day!


9:00am Back at the shelter to wait for some clean clothes. Let the dogs outside to run.

10:00am Dryer buzzer goes. Yay! Clean laundry!

10:30am Bring the dogs inside and head out.

Night #3 Complete!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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