Extreme Sleepover 3 – Night #4

Temperature: -10 (Feels like -14)
Donation Total: $955

4:30pm Arrive at shelter with Fluffernutter. He’s sporting his fancy cone and getting awesome radio reception. There’s a face underneath all that hair, although the beard makes him look like a goat.


5:00pm A lady who was fostering 2 puppies arrives at shelter. Chuck and Ruby are off to another foster home, and Mary is getting adopted!


5:25pm I get supplies ready for the puppies and off they go!  Great to have people willing to foster! We don’t have nearly enough foster homes, but it’s incredibly rewarding to help an animal in need and get them ready for their forever homes!

5:30pm I have a snack and leave the bag of muffins on the desk behind me. I hear a rustling sound, but made the mistake of ignoring it.

5:45pm It turns out the rustling noise was Poppy going into the Ziploc bag, retrieving a muffin, and eating the top. Well played. If that’s not a guilty look I don’t know what is!


6:00pm A couple stops by with a donation! Thank you!

6:15pm Jeff stops by with some supplies from home and to help me with shovelling poop outside. My earlier attempts ended up in a cell phone falling out of my pocket and landing in slushy urine. I don’t think any amount of rice is going to save it.

6:30pm Dogs get supper and let outside. Litter boxes scooped and cats fed and watered. I wonder how many pounds of poop volunteers have to pick up every day. It’s a never ending cycle. Eat, poop, eat, poop.

7:00pm Another donation is dropped off. Yay! Thanks Gail!

7:05pm Leave for supper.

8:05pm Head back to shelter but stop at McDonalds for a treat for the dogs. I will never get over the shame involved with ordering 11 cheeseburgers, so I throw in a hot chocolate for good measure.

8:07pm The lady at the 2nd window says “It’ll be a few minutes” and laughs.

8:15pm Burgers in hand, I head back to the shelter. I’m sure this is what all of the employees thinks will be happening to the burgers tonight. “I CAN has ALL the cheese burgers!”


8:30pm Let all the cats out. 20 kitties are running around and exploring.

8:40pm Introduce the cats to some cat nip. Hilarity ensues.

9:00pm Let the dogs in for their surprise. Cheese burgers for everyone! Get ready for some blurry action shots!!

10436187_10152408974131432_2165757437736646641_n 10670272_10152408974006432_4904168222136665875_n 14599_10152408974216432_1109258694374348771_n10492193_10152408974326432_2876006619168638818_n 10406487_10152408974066432_7758736053828753600_n 10404276_10152408973801432_7102849826224061963_n

Ghost isn’t sure what to do with his cheese burger.

And everyone have the same look when they were done. More?

Nelly REALLY wants another cheeseburger!


9:30pm Pick my sleeping buddy for the night. Nelly! She’s a stray from the North who we were boarding for the week so she can go to another rescue tomorrow. She’s a doll!


10:00pm We settle in to bed. She checks out the cats next door.

10:03pm Nelly snuggles in and falls asleep right away. She is so content!


10:09pm A cat screams and scares the bejesus out of me.

10:10pm I sneeze as payback. Check. Mate.

10:12pm Nelly farted. For real…I’m not blaming it on the dog.

1:50am Dogs bark along with Nicky Minaj on the radio. Nelly farted again. Good grief dog!

1:57am Somebody pooped! Nelly gets up and licks my ear  and then lays back down.

3:22am The mystery cat belts out another terrifying solo. I think it’s Gremlin. Why does he sound like a female in heat?!

5:42am Nelly decides to give me a bath. Slobber, lick, slobber, lick. Thank you.


5:48am Neighbour cat is knocking on the wall between us.

Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Juan who?
Juan day you’ll turn into a crazy cat lady, if you stick around the shelter too long!

I think I’ve got the crazy part down!

5:55am Neighbour cat bangs on the wall between us and scares the crap out of me.
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Heart attack!

Kitty also startled the dogs and they erupt in a chorus of barks.

6:00am I can add “Don’t lick me in the mouth” to the list of things I never thought in would say this early in the morning…or ever.

6:10am Nelly decides to start trying to eat my foot. Why dog, why?! The dogs start barking in excitement; they all want a piece too!

6:19am Everyone settles down again. Just give me one more hour until my alarm goes of or I may not survive my 12 hour shift.

6:23am Nelly starts to chew my cell phone cord. I retrieve it before she gets all the way through.

6:25am Dogs bark some more.

6:26am And some more….

6:27am And even more….

6:29am Either they stopped barking or I went deaf.

6:40am SOMEBODY POOPED! I wonder if there are long term health effects to being exposed to these noxious fumes…

7:30am Alarm goes off. It’s going to be a looooong day.

7:45pm Everyone fed and watered and off I go!

Night #4 Complete!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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