Extreme Sleepover 3 – Night #5

Temperature: -20 (Feels like -25)
Donation Total:$2275

Had a great day of donations! I am so grateful to everyone who has donated thus far! We are almost half way to the $5000 goal! I went to the Innovation Credit Union today to check on donation deposits and was tickled to see Extreme Sleepover posters plastered all over the place. It’s a great feeling to see so much support from a local business! They also made a generous donation to Extreme Sleepover. Thank you so much Innovation Credit Union!


9:50pm Arrive at the shelter after a very long day! Thankfully Jeff came to feed the dogs their supper. I get started on litter boxes!! Yay poop!


10:00pm Let the dogs outside and let the cats out to wander while I clean up after them. What a life! Unlimited supply of food and water, warm place to live and humans picking up your poop with little shovel contraptions every day. Us humans have got it all wrong. Cats are the most intelligent species. Biggest scam in history!

10:15pm Watching kitties play while I scoop poop.

10847902_10152410484781432_3306353631997313344_n 10846361_10152410484921432_1955952632650167880_n

10:30pm  Put the cats giant bag of poop outside and Gretchen makes a run for it. She ends up underneath my jeep and then comes running and crying because the snow is cold on her wee little tootsies. Can you see her? Squint, and turn your head sideways. She’s there!


10:35pm I get the bright idea to bring the fun of snow inside. The cats are intrigued by this white mystery substance.


10:45pm Treat time!

10:50pm Start trying to put cats away. I now fully understand the meaning of the phrase “herding cats”. I may lose my mind by the end of this.

11:00pm Making some headway, though every time I open a cage to put a cat in 2 more run out. It’s like herding jello…or water…or…cats.

Or bumble bees! Can you imagine herding bumble bees!?

Oh my god I’m tired…

11:15pm Let the dogs in and give them a bedtime treat. Pick my sleeping buddy for the night…Buddy! Buddy is an 8-9 month old Golden Lab mix who came to our shelter as a stray in September and no one came looking for him. He is a lovable goofball who is crazy about food. He would do just about anything for some kibbles. He is also very generous with slobbery kisses!


11:20pm Buddy slobbers all over my face. Thanks bud.

11:30pm Off to sleep.


11:35pm Buddy starts barking for no reason at all. You’ve got the best bed in the house, be happy! Unless they’re bragging barks “Ha ha! Look at my bed! You guys are LOSERS!” Yeah, I could totally see that.

11:49pm Fluffernutter starts the dogs barking. For someone so tiny he sure has a lot of influence.

1:38am Someone else starts barking. Buddy sniffs my face that’s peeking out from my blanket cocoon. Feeling chilly tonight.

1:45am Kisses from Buddy. Sure is an affectionate pooch!

2:00am Somebody pooped!

6:30am Buddy is stuck to me like glue.

10801573_10152410484516432_7788315236101243395_n 1510717_10152410484386432_27557817882898512_n

6:46am I don’t want to jinx it but the dogs have been somewhat quiet tonight…or I may have briefly lost consciousness.  They had lots of outside time during the day so maybe that helped? Benefits of exercise, folks! Keeps you healthy and keeps dogs quiet!

6:57am Gremlin begins meowing. At least he waited until a decent hour.

7:02am I hear my name on the radio! I strain to hear but only make out “*muffle muffle* Meadow Lake *muffle muffle* Jillian Doucet *muffle muffle* Shelter”, due to the sounds of the heater, cats, dogs, and Buddy’s tongue in my ear.

I had an interview with CJNS/CJNB earlier this week. Thanks for the coverage!


7:09am Buddy found some kibble by my head. Crunch crunch crunch. That stuff is everywhere!

7:30am Morning face bath courtesy of Buddy. I need a shower…

7:36am Dogs are a barking. Grateful for getting 4 solid hours of sleep!

7:45am Roll out of bed and put Buddy back in his kennel. The dogs are barking away. Volunteer Beverlie will be here pretty soon for her morning cleaning shift.

7:50am Good timing! Beverlie is here! I grab some things and head out!

Night #5 Complete!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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