Extreme Sleepover 3 – Night #6

Temperature: -10 (Feels like -17)
Donation Total: $2605 (Over half way!)

11:20pm Arrived at shelter a little later than I had anticipated. Fell asleep at a friends house. Randy woke me up and said “Time to wake up and go to sleep somewhere else!”

11:30pm Decide to shake things up and move my bed to one of the communal cat cages. Jeff measures the bed and the floor space and determines it will fit.

11:45pm It doesn’t. Flip it around and and do some finagling and get it in place.10308087_10152412523081432_7449709263865061571_n

There we go!


11:50pm Check out the newest resident from the north! Piper can do this awesome trick where he looks like he only has 3 legs! Amazing!

12:00am Settle into bed.


12:10am Lights out. Jeff leaves. I will be sharing my bed with 4 cats this evening. Gretchen (Grey), Hutch (Grey and White), Broomhilda (Black) and Gracie (Tabby).

12:15am Gretchen and Broomhilda start crawling all over my head. Why Is my face wet?! That better be drool.

12:20pm Hutch chews on my feet.

12:26pm Gretchen perches on my shoulder and purrs in my ear. I can hear her through my ear plugs. I start going coss-eyed as her rhythmic purr lulls me to sleep. Insta-purr is such a great feature! This cat can be yours for the low low price of $60, and we will throw in the insta-purr for FREE!

12:29am Broomhilda joins the purr party. Surround sound!


12:34am Determined that Broomhilda is the source of drool.

12:45am Somebody poops, but thankfully not in this cage.

1:00am Feeling chilly but realize I forgot to crank up the heat before I went to bed.

2:00am Rosie and Pepper bark from outside. Thankfully none of the other dogs join in.

3:15am Hutch begins to snuggle along with Gretchen. I have the kitty equivalent of a scarf. I realize I’m missing one ear plug.

4:59am Gretchen is in my face purring away.


5:05am Hutch licks the remaining ear plug in my left ear. Makes me wonder if the other one fell out or was it stolen?

5:07am Need to pee. Don’t want to get up.

5:08am Don’t want to wet the bed either. Roll out of bed (I really need to get better at my Kuranda bed dismount) and stumble to the bathroom. The dogs erupt in a chorus of barks as soon as I open the cage door.

5:13am Crank up the heat and go back to the kitties. End up kicking Broomhilda on the way by. Black cat, dark shelter and a blind Jill aren’t the best combo. Hutch is rolling around the bed playing with my earplug. You DID steal it, didn’t you?

5:15pm Gretchen resumes her post as parrot cat. Hutch attacks my feet as I rub them together to warm up. Dogs settle down.

5:19am Gretchen bites my thumb. I let out a swear and Buddy starts barking. Sorry to offend you, my friend!

5:23am Everyone is quiet. For now.

5:25am I yawn and set Buddy off again. Jeez I can’t do anything! I can’t swear, I can’t yawn. These animals run a tight ship!

5:35am The neighbour cats start trying to play through the wall. They keep pawing at it. I knock back. Hutch is playing with my arm…with his claws. I don’t like this game.

5:38am Hutch moved on to using his teeth. I like this game even less. He gnaws on my elbow. Why?!

5:39am I randomly get the hiccups. Fantastic!

5:47pm Everybody poops…sometimes…unless you’re a shelter cat. Then that crap is like clockwork!

6:00am Gremlin meows.

6:15am And meows….

6:27am …and meows…

6:45am … And meows some more….

7:05am …And hasn’t stopped for over an hour.

7:07am Still meowing…

7:10am and still going…

7:11am Somebody pooped… And it’s in my cage. That’s rank!

7:14am Hutch plays with my toe and momentarily gets his claw stuck in my skin. I try not to scream.

7:15am Gretchen plays with the zipper on my sweater.

7:16am A cat next door plays with a jingle toy.

7:17am And Gremlin continues to meow…that’s it! Cats win! I’m going to do my pet sitting rounds early.

Night #6 Complete!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 and so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union

Or Online


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