Extreme Sleepover 4 – Night #2

Temperature: -4 (Feels like -9)
Fundraising Total: $850

9:30pm Arrive at the shelter. Let the new puppy out to stretch her legs. She was dropped off today.

9:35pm I check out the care package left from Karen while puppy checks out the garbage can. We both discover lots of treasures!


9:37pm I haul in foamies and bedding from Yvonne and Don.

9:40pm Paula stops by with Hot Chocolate. A girl sure feels loved! This is exactly why our shelter is so great. Everyone works together to make sure the animals (and Jills) in our shelter have everything they need to be happy and comfortable until they find homes. Thanks shelter family! ❤


9:45pm Paula helps me vaccinate the puppy. Silly girl thinks she is getting a treat. Sitting pretty for her vaccinations!


9:50pm I put together Bed 2.0: Now with Foamies! I notice my pillow disappeared. Strap on my headlamp and go searching thinking Rocky hauled it out the dog door.


9:55am Let the dogs outside.

10:00pm Paula leaves. I continue the search for my pillow. Nowhere to be found. Thankfully Yvonne and Don sent me with a spare! Perhaps the pillow got offended that I said it felt like it was full of rocks. Lesson learned. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Or appreciate what you have or an inanimate object will grow legs and walk away out of spite. What a profound experience (I am so tired…)

10:10pm Let some cats out for a dance party complete with my own strobe light head lamp.

10:20pm Vaccinate and deworm some new intakes. Everyone takes their needles like a champ.

10:45pm I put the puppy in her kennel and turn off the lights. Hopefully she doesn’t cry! I put the cats away but have misplaced the new young grey female. They always turn up. I leave her kennel door open so she can go back in.

11:00pm I bring all the dogs in. Bedtime cookies for all!

11:10pm Pick my bunk mate for the night. Brutus! He came to us from a community North of Meadow Lake after he sustained nerve damage from being hit by a vehicle. His leg had to be amputated as he lost complete nerve function and was damaging it from hitting it on things. He has adjusted amazingly well to only having 3 legs. It certainly hasn’t slowed him down!


He is beyond excited.

11:22pm Bed time! Brutus finally settles down and lets out the best sigh. Ahhhh….


11:26pm Dryer buzzer. Litter box scratching.

11:31pm Dryer buzzer again. Heard you the first time, buzzzy mcbuzzerton. Someone in the Grey Cage O’ Doom is playing with a jingle ball. Fantastic.

11:36pm Dryer buzzer….again. That’s one attention seeking dryer.

11:37pm Jingle ball….Jingle ball…going to drive me mad…Who on earth gave them that toy….why are these cats so bad…ooooohhhhhh…

11:41pm Dryer buzzer. Hey!!! Hey!!! The laundry is dry! Why aren’t you acknowledging me!? Hellllllllllllllllloooooooooooooo!!!

12:03am Dogs whine and bark.

12:04am Someone eats their supper. Saving it for a midnight snack I guess.

12:15am Dogs are restless, whiny and barky. We had another new dog dropped off today and he’s adjusting.

12:19am Omi is barking like a nut. It is both adorable and annoying. She never barks. I assume she can see the kitten I couldn’t find.

12:25am I cough a lot but thankfully the dogs don’t answer the coughing call with barking.

12:50am Still coughing. One of the dogs is probably writing a blog of their own- “Stoopid Hooman is barking again. Does not know trying to sleep? Jerk.”

1:20am Jingle balls…we meet again. Still coughing. Ugh.

1:38am Dogs bark. But not for long. Brutus comes in for some snuggles.


2:00am One of the cats plays with an unidentified object. Almost sounds like a stick…pencil…wooden dowel. It’s time to play NAME THAT OBJECT!!!!

2:19am I hear another random noise. Dog licking its feet? Dog licking its butt? Dog scratching its ears? NAME THAT SOUND!! I can’t pin it down. It stops…but I will forever wonder…

2:30am My move my feet and my blankets are wet. I investigate and the new neighbor dog spilled water from his bucket. Good thing my blankets were there to absorb the mess! Chilly…

3:47am Brutus wakes up and starts wiggling.

3:52am Brutus settles down again.

4:00am Dogs bark but quickly settle down.

5:50am A cat is playing Dig Dug in the litter box.

6:07am Jingle jingle jingle. Scratch scratch scratch.

7:45am Time to get up. Brutus does not agree.


7:50am I put Brutus back in his kennel. I spot the elusive grey kitten.


8:05am Night #2 Complete!


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
 E-Transfer to mldhs@sasktel.net (Please make password sleepover)

Or Online


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