Extreme Sleepover 4 – Night #3

Temperature: -4 (Feels like -11)

Fundraising Total: $1095

8:45pm Arrive at the Shelter and meet the 6 new arrivals from a Northern Village Dump.



8:55pm Into the tub they go! They aren’t impressed.


9pm I let the white puppy out to stretch her legs. Mischief ensues. She plays with my slippers, finds a box of SOS pads on the shelf and strews them about.

9:30pm Puppies bathed. Dried off and put back in their kennels.

9:40pm I give Sasha a bath with medicated shampoo as she is recovering from a skin infection. She shares the puppies enthusiasm for baths.


9:50pm Sasha is dried and heads right back to her kennel. She wants as far away from me as possible.

9:55pm Jeff stops by with a bedtime snack and hot chocolate and visits with the puppy (and me…but mostly the puppy)


Because lets be honest, she’s pretty stinkin’ cute!

10:00pm We head to McDonald’s for some snacks for the pooches.


Me: “14 plain McDoubles Please.”

Cashier: “14?!”

Me:“Yes. 14.”

Cashier: “One moment please.”

Me: *silent shame*

Cashier: “Ok, 14 McDoubles. $24.84 Please.

I drive up to the window and pay.

Cashier: “I thought I heard you wrong. 14 McDoubles!”

Me: “Yes. But they aren’t for me. They are for the dogs at the shelter.

Cashier: *Looks at me skeptically*

Me: “No, really! They’re not for me. I’m not lying. I don’t eat meat!”

He laughs and I drive to the pick up window, grab 2 bags of burgers and head back to the shelter.

10:15pm I lied…they’re really all for me!



Just kidding…

Pup is the first to get her burger.


10:25pm Vaccinate and deworm the 2 new intakes Rosie & Golden Legs from up North and give them their McDoubles.




So many happy dogs! The butt wiggles are unreal!












11:00pm Jackie and John come to pick up the 6 dump puppies to transport them to AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society) tomorrow since we don’t have enough local foster homes. We are so lucky to have a great network of Rescues to help when we get full! Which we are now! We have had 14 dogs/puppies come in since Tuesday!


11:10pm Jeff Leaves. I look for loose cats and find Splash on top of her Castle O’ Canned Food.


11:15pm Pick my sleeping buddy for the night. Omi! She came to us from the same community as Rocky and Brutus after she had been shot. She has had a couple of surgeries to repair her injuries but she is as good as new now!


11:25pm Omi heads out the dog door. She has access to the perimeter so I assume she is out exploring…or just being antisocial.

11:30pm Dogs bark. I left the radio too loud but I am already in my blanket cocoon. I will let the synthesizer of Loverboy lull me to sleep.

11:31pm The kid is hot tonight…woooahhh so hot tonight…

11:33pm I call Omi. The dogs bark at her and she is scared to come in. I get her inside and she bounces around on the bed and goes back outside. Not snuggler I guess!

11:45pm I wear my sunglasses at night….so I can, so I can….

11:47pm Washer drains…sunglasses at night…sunglasses at night

11:55pm I go to grab Rocky for a sleeping buddy then hear Omi whining outside the dog door. She seems to have trouble with it now that she’s on the opposite side of the building as her own kennel. “Door backwards! What do?!”

I help her in then she grabs my slipper and runs down the hallway. I bribe her back to bed with a cookie. Yes, I buy her love with food. Food is a very valuable currency.

12:00am We have some snuggles and she settles in at the foot of the bed.


12:05pm Omi has a drink and lays back down.


12:06pm Someone is either chewing on their feet or channeling their inner Darth Vader with their heavy breathing.

12:10pm A cat makes a weird warbly sound and then that distinctive upchuck noise. He’s gonna blow! I will tackle that mess in the morning.

12:12pm Omi goes outside. She can seem to work the in to out…but out to in…that’s a tricky one.

12:15am Washer end cycle chimes a beautiful melody. Much more delightful than the rude buzzing, attention seeking dryer.

12:16am Dogs bark.

12:23am Still barking.

1:00am They apparently have lots to say tonight.

1:30am The dogs finally settle down.

2:07am Jingle jingle jingle.

3:35am Kitty cat wrestling match. Sounds like a Kung Fu movie.

4:29am I check on Omi. She is laying on the floor. I didn’t hear her come in. I get her onto the bed.


4:35am I cough and hear the *thump thump thump* of a tail on the Kuranda bed. Coughing makes someone pretty happy!

6:30am The Grey Cage O’ Doom is really on to something. Instead of a regular alarm clock, they have a “smell-o-vision” version. They set their bowels to a specified time and the terrible smell is enough to wake a person out of a dead sleep. Smellarm Clock: Rise and Sniff. Patent Pending. And if that isn’t enough to wake you, the sound of them trying to bury their deposit for 10 minutes will be!

7:15am. Jingle jingle jingle.

7:30am Cats play with the circle ball toy thing. Not sure what it is called exactly, other than noisy.

7:45am Get up and feed the dogs and put some of them outside.

7:50am The identity of the late night vomiter has been revealed. Happy Feet! Clean up his mess and put laundry in the hamper.

8:00am I let the white puppy outside and clean her kennel.

8:10am White puppy eats breakfast.

8:25am I put puppy back in her kennel. Maybe tomorrow she will have a name!

8:30am Night #3 Complete!


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
 E-Transfer to mldhs@sasktel.net (Please make password sleepover)

Or Online



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