Extreme Sleepover 4 – Night #4

Temperature: -9 (Feels like -17)
Fundraising Total: $2090

9:35pm I arrive at shelter with a new friend.  He showed up at a home outside of town and adopted them (Those are the best outcomes! “Hello new family..You’ll do.”). His fur was pretty greasy and must have rolled in something so he is here for a bath before his neuter tomorrow.

9:40pm But first, vaccinations, deworming and treatment for ear mites! He takes all like a champ. I don’t think there’s anything this cat won’t put up with.

9:45pm I let white puppy out to play. Her name is now Dharma. She proceeds to chase the cat Papa Grey around and try to wrestle. That’s one patient cat.

Jill’s Guide to Bathing a Cat

Step 1: Bribe them with canned food. The cat will then think it is the best day ever! Joke is on him..things are about to take a turn.


Step 2: Put the cat in the tub.


Step 3: Cat jumps out of the tub.

Step 4: Put the cat back in the tub. Put the grooming lasso on him. It is too big, but it seems to paralyze him. He can escape any time.

Step 5: Turn on the water very slowly. If cat does not freak out, turn on the shower head. If all is still good, proceed to wet the cat.


Step 6: Turn off water and lather the cat with shampoo. It helps to sing songs. Soft Kitty…warm kitty…little ball of fur…wet kitty…soapy kitty….purr purr purr.


Step 7: If your face has not been ripped apart at this stage, keep going! You’re doing great! Rinse the kitty. This guy is particularly dirty. Gross brown water goes down the drain.

Step 8: Detach kitty from your clothes. Watch your face!


Step 9: Wrap kitty in a towel like an angry and wet burrito. An option is to blow dry. Again, watch your face.

Step 10: Offer more canned food as an offering of gratitude for not resorting to violence.


Congratulations! You have successfully bathed a cat! I know there are other 1-Step Guides to bathing cats (Step 1: Don’t do it), but you’re no quitter!

10:00pm Fold some laundry. Discover the End Cycle switch and turn it to OFF. Praise the Dryer gods!


10:15pm I give everyone a bedtime Milkbone.

10:20pm Pick my bunk mate for the night. I decide to double up with Aries & Sophie. They were rescued from a community where dogs had been packing up and creating a dangerous situation for the public. Unneutered males and females in heat is a dangerous combination!


10:25pm The girls go outside to check things out.

10:35pm I hear Rosie whining. I peek out the dog door and she is trying to figure out how to get out of her kennel. She hopped the fence after I had left this morning and ended up at the vet clinic down the road. She was swapped to a kennel with the top covered to prevent future escapes. She isn’t impressed.

10:55pm Bedtime. The girls are still outside exploring. I bundle up into a burrito (less angry and wet, unlike the cat) as the temperature dropped today. The dog doors are swaying in the wind.

11:00pm There is unrest in the Grey Cage O’ Doom. Someone is settling a score.

11:02pm Aries comes in for some snuggles.


11:05pm A cat in the Grey Cage O’ Doom is scratching against the plastic wall between us. They seem determined to get through.

11:10pm Aries out.

11:40pm Aries in.

12:00am Aries out.

12:14am Aries in.

12:28am Aries out.

12:37am Dogs bark.

12:52am Cats fight.

1:00am Jingle jingle jingle

1:30am Dogs whine.

1:48am Someone is banging on the dog door that is covered by the Kuranda bed. I move it thinking it is Sophie trying to get back in, but it is Aries, even though she has been through the other door what seems like 13490370574893 times, she thought she’d give the covered one a try. I try and put the Kuranda bed back in place and it falls on me. Almost got a bed leg in the face!

2:50am Aries is sprawled out on the bed. Sophie never came back inside. I stick my head out the dog door and call but she’s not nearby.


3:09am One of the cats is meowing away. Sounds rather sad. “Nobody knows the trouble I feel…MEOOOOW…Nobody knows my sorrow….MEOOOOOOOW.”

4:00am One of the dogs is chewing on something but I’m pretty sure no one has anything in their kennels they should he chewing on.

4:07am Someone is scratching. Thud thud thud.

5:30am Sophie finally makes her appearance inside!


5:37am Aries is SUPER cuddly. She gives me a face wash then settles down.


7:00am Time to get up. “Nooooo….5 more minutes!”


7:15am Jeff drops off our foster Winnie who has surgery this morning.


7:20am I put signs on cages of the dogs and cat going for neuters today to make sure they don’t get fed before surgery.

7:25am Breakfast Milkbones for the pooches before I head out.

7:35am Night #4 complete!


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
 E-Transfer to mldhs@sasktel.net (Please make password sleepover)

Or Online


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