Extreme Sleepover 4 – Night #6

Temperature: -16 (Feels like -28)
Fundraising Total: $4315

9:15pm Arrive at the shelter and yell “Honeys, I’m home!”. Barking ensues. (The dogs, not me)

9:20pm I let Dharma out of her kennel. She has no desire to go outside so she goes and pees on the floor drain. Excellent!

9:30pm I let Rocky out and grab some bedding. I am making another bed away from the dog doors. They are quite drafty, especially with the constant in and out and in and out.

9:37pm I pick my bunk mates for the night. I am in the belly of the beast. I may have made a terrible mistake.


9:43pm Rocky cleans up wayward puppy kibbles.

And washes it down with a cold drink.


10:00pm Bed Lunch for me and a special pooch. Bet you can’t guess what dish belongs to who!


10:05pm Loki was rescued from the same community as Aries and Sophie. Unfortunately he was on the wrong end of a pack of dogs and was attacked and severely hurt. He has injuries to his face, around his eyes, front paw and back leg. He was neutered on Monday and a drain was inserted to reduce the fluid in his swollen back leg.



10:15pm I let Loki outside for a bit and change his blanket.

10:25pm Loki is back inside. Bedtime Milkbones and lights out.

10:30pm I nestle into my bed in the Grey Cage O’ Doom. The cats swarm and my head has been designated the place to be.


For the record I have no idea of the names of these cats. In September we got in 3 adults and 9 kittens from a home outside of Meadow Lake. All Grey, Grey/White and basically the same features. There is a list of names on the door but who knows who they actually belong to. A couple of them were adopted but there are still 7 kittens and 2 adults left. Unfortunately the kittens are now at that rebellious teenager age that no one really seems to want.

10:41pm Dharma is crying and banging on her cage door. The Grey and White is resting on my ear and I can hear his heart beat loud and clear. Thumpa thumpa thumpa. Excellent rhythm.


10:49pm These two tech savvy kitties are trying to figure out Siri.

10:53pm Sandpaper kisses on my cheek. Loud purrs in my ear.

10:59pm Siri does not understand them, so the Tech Savvy Kitties have no use for her.

11:08pm Someone takes a swipe at my face to which I respond “Noooo why did you do that?! I’m a nice person!”


These kitties eat nice people for lunch.

11:10pm Someone attacks my hand. Ahhhh!

11:12pm After an incident with Lady eating my glasses a couple of years ago I’ve learned to hang them on the chain-link to keep out of reach of dogs. The cats see it as a challenge.


11:14pm I have made a terrible….terrible mistake.


11:25pm The cats are taking turns launching off my head onto my feet and back again. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a trampoline.

11:28pm Someone is playing with my glasses. I swipe them from the chain-link and bring them into my safety cocoon.

11:55pm Things are settled down as much as they are going to. Time for sleep.

12:10am Another swat to the face.


12:24am The cats are crawling all over me. They have no concept of personal space.

1:29am I can’t feel my arm as I’m laying on it funny. I am covered head to toe with cats.

1:35am I start wiggling to try and get the cats to jump off, but no luck. I just roll over and hope they are smart enough to jump off and not get steamrolled.

2:55am The dogs start barking. I roll over again and send cats flying.

3:04am Someone is in the litter box digging towards China. Dig dig dig.

3:06am A smelly deposit has been made. Now to cover it up. Dig dig dig.

3:09am Still digging. Just keep digging…just keep digging.

3:12am Another digger.

4:30am The dogs bark. Kitties are everywhere. Purring in surround sound.


5:39am The cats are playing with my feet.

6:45am The cats find my keys that fell out of my pocket…that I had forgotten I even put in there. New toy!

6:50am I crawl out of bed and peel the remaining cats off of me. One jumps on my back and digs his claws in and slides down as I stand up. Yeeeeaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!

6:55am Haul my bedding out of the Grey Cage O’ Doom. I leave a cushion as a parting gift. Not that they deserve it.

7:00am I let Dharma out to pee and she actually pees outside! I start my car with the prayer “Please start, please start, please start.”

7:14am I put some blankets in the wash. I check on Rocky and see he has started to dismantle my bed and has pulled out the stuffing of the cushions. I think he was jealous that I was next door. So close…yet so far away.


7:20am I put Dharma back in her kennel.

7:21am Night #6 Complete! (I ran out of fingers)


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
 E-Transfer to mldhs@sasktel.net (Please make password sleepover)

Or Online


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