Extreme Sleepover 4 – COMPLETE!

Temperature: Warm and Fuzzy (Even though it is -36 with the Wind Chill) 

Fundraising Total: $9465 (Goal of $5000 reached and then some!!)

How do I even begin to express my gratitude for the unbelievable support that the Extreme Sleepover has received?


As donations have been pouring in I have literally been moved to tears, sometimes in inappropriate places. Like, who is that woman weeping in the hand cream aisle of the drug store? Or dancing and crying at the dog park? What a weirdo.


Last night I was able to sleep in my own bed, but my thoughts weren’t far from the dogs and cats I spent the past 6 nights with.


Our little shelter on the prairie is my passion. While there have been some difficult times, the good days far outweigh the hard ones. Sending animals to their new homes and receiving updates that they are happy, healthy and have made a difference in their families’ lives; That is what keeps myself and our volunteers going on the hard days. When an animal comes in injured, sick, abused, or abandoned, it is our job to fix them, nurture them, teach them to love and trust again and then send them off to a brighter future than they would have had before.

We make a difference.

We are one of the few animal rescues that are run completely by volunteers. We are a small but mighty group who share the same passion, love for animals and the desire to make a difference. We work damn hard to ensure that the animals in our care have everything that they need while they are waiting for their next chapter to begin. The bridge between their past and their future is built on our backs.


I am in awe of our volunteers who take time out of their already busy lives to make a difference in the lives of animals. Some amazing friendships have grown out of animal rescue. I always say you have to be a certain kind of crazy to be in this line of work. We may not get a pay cheque, but our lives are rich beyond measure. We get paid in wagging tails, sloppy kisses, and cats perched firmly on our heads and purring loudly in our ears. These things are priceless. When a terrified dog crawls towards you, low to the ground, licks your hand and wags their tail. Well, that’s just like winning the lottery.

There are some days when it literally feels like we are drowning in animals. We can adopt one animal and then 6 more will take its place. But then there’s you, our supporters, who breathe life back into us. You give us the strength and resources to keep doing what we love.

We literally have a shelter full right now. Between the shelter and foster homes we have 16 dogs, 5 puppies and 33 cats and kittens available for adoption.


54 bundles of unconditional love. Faces full of hope for a brighter future. I don’t know if they will all find homes of their own for the Holidays, but I do know that they are loved by many where they are right now, and we will do our absolute best to keep them safe, warm and loved while they wait, however long that takes.


Thank you to everyone who has supported this fundraiser and made it such a HUGE success. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Thank you for believing in our cause and thank you for helping us help the animals of Northwest Saskatchewan.


Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
 E-Transfer to mldhs@sasktel.net (Please make password sleepover)

Or Online

And if you are looking for a new forever friend, please check out our Facebook Page and Petfinder



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