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Extreme Sleepover 5 – Night #4

Temperature: -18

Fundraising Total: $3205

8:30pm Arrive at the shelter. The dogs are restless and Smiley is already howling.

8:40pm I get my bed made and pick my sleeping buddies. Blanche and her puppy.


What’s the worst that could happen with a puppy in the bed?

8:50pm Blanche seems overly interested in the cat cages so I cover with a blanket. But turns out the blankets aren’t impenetrable.



9:00pm I turn off the lights.

9:07pm Oh I forgot how sharp puppy teeth and nails are…yowza!


9:15pm Puppy tries to eat my cell phone charger cord. I advise her that is a very poor choice.

9:25pm Blanche isn’t interested in snuggling. She wants “Pumpkin” pie. Get it??? GET IT?!? I’m hilarious.


9:58pm Off to sleep. The dogs are restless.

At 6:00pm I got word from our Treasurer that I could sleep in my own bed last night. We received $2208.90 in donations on Monday which will be matched by the wonderful folks at the Nor’Wester Motor Inn (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!), bringing our fundraising total to $5417.80, surpassing the goal of $5000 and also making this the quickest sleepover in the history of sleepovers! However, there were still several dogs who didn’t have a chance for a sleepover, so my genius solution to that is….

K9 Sleepover Speed Dating!

10:30pm Time for my next sleeping buddies! Ranger and Abby!



10:45pm Abby settles in right away and goes to sleep. Ranger finds a carpet square to curl up on.


11:00pm Both dogs are out cold.


11:15pm Can’t say the same for the dogs in the back!

1:00am DING! NEXT! Ranger refused to give up his carpet square. Abby goes back to her kennel and in comes the St. Bernard pup who has yet to be named.


1:05am This guy is wired.


1:10am Seriously. He won’t stop.


1:23am He also has a thing for feet.

1:30am He sits on my head. He is just a pup but it feels like he weighs as much as a small elephant.


2:00am He finally settled down but is breathing his gross hot air on my back.

2:11am Ranger curled up by my feet.

2:30am DING! NEXT! Ranger still doesn’t want to go,


“But I thought we had something special?”

I bribe him with cookies and bring in the next dog…Max!


2:32am He sniffs around the office searching for cookie crumbs.

2:40am Max comes to bed and sits on me. Why does everyone feel the need to sit on me!?


3:00am Max is crashed out.


4:00am DING! NEXT! Albert!


4:05am Albert doesn’t seem to know what to do about this whole bed and person situation so he curls up on the carpet square.


4:40am I check on Albert and he’s still fast asleep.

5:36am DING! NEXT! And last but not least, but had to be last because he has mange, Sweet, sad and smelly Smiley.


5:38am Smiley happily curls up on my feet. I think this is all he really wanted the past few nights.


5:45am Smiley gets up and wanders around and suddenly I smell pee. I think I have been targeted.

5:50am Smiley lays back down on my legs.

6:25am Smiley is restless and pacing around. I get up and he goes to the door of the kennel area. I think he’s looking to be fed.

6:35am Feed the dogs breakfast and thanked them for being relatively quiet, especially since I was back and forth all night. Put my bedding in the washer, haul my tenderized, ripped apart, peed upon foam pads to the dumpster. We had a good run.

6:45am I did it! The last 8 dogs all got to have a chance for a sleepover. Speed dating is exhausting!

Extreme Sleepover: Shelter Edition #5 Complete!


Anyone who knows me knows that I cry. A lot. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m tired. I cry when I’m mad. (Channeling my inner Dr. Seuss here). So I have been moved to tears on more than one occasion over the past few days. I have been blown away by the kindness of this community. Whether it is a complementary lunch, hot chocolate, surprise breakfast, offers for a place to shower, yummy snacks, generous offers to match donations, or providing a quiet couch to have a nap. You all know how to make a gal feel loved and supported. You fill my cup when it is empty and give me the strength to carry on with this important work. Thank you all for your support. Thank you to our volunteers who show up day in and day out to ensure these animals get the best care. Thank you to those who find animals and entrust them into our care. It is an honor and a privilege to rescue and rehabilitate animals and send then off to their new homes. Thank you to our adopters who open up their hearts and homes to these special animals. And a big thank you to those who send updates. It makes letting go a lot easier.

I would like to dedicate this fundraiser in memory of a special dog named Baron who passed away last week. Each animal that comes through our doors teaches a lesson. Baron taught me patience, trust, and most importantly, to never ever give up, even when your heart is broken, because there are more animals out there needing to be loved.


Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser and turned a silly idea into such an overwhelming success.

If you haven’t donated yet and are still wanting to do so, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
E-Transfer to (Please make password sleepover)

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Extreme Sleepover 5 – Night #3

Temperature: – 15

Fundraising Total: $1050 (!!!)

I just wanted to give a shout out to Boston Pizza Meadow Lake for the complementary lunch on Sunday afternoon! It was a very nice surprise! I love the support they have shown for the community since they opened their doors.


8:50pm Arrive at shelter. I haul a couple of bags of dog food in from the shed and let Smiley outside to run around. He happily pees on everything. Life is all about finding joy in the little things.

9:00pm Release the kittens so they can have some time to play in the office. They are flying all over the place and climbing me like a tree.


9:05pm Pumpkin found a new girlfriend in my boot while Mama cats enjoy a break from their babes.


9:20pm If you ever wondered where the term herding cats came from…try rounding up these kittens. Get everyone back in their cage.

9:25pm Set my bed up in Buddy’s cage. I bring over his friend Teddy who he came to the shelter with…because why not.

9:30pm Lay down with Buddy and Teddy and am instantly filled with regret.

9:40pm Teddy starts ripping apart the foam pad. NO! BAD!


9:47pm The boys are still playing hard. This was a mistake.

9:49pm Lights out! Maybe this will stop their playing.

9:50pm Nope.

10:00pm Smiley starts howling. I turn on some Reggae music since I was told it calms down dogs. I’m willing to try anything at this point!

10:10pm Sleep attempt #1. I work tomorrow so hoping for a couple of hours at least. Here goes nothing…

10:30pm The boys crawl all over me, Teddy chews my hair. I try and hide under my blanket but now he thinks it’s a game.

10:45pm They settle down. For now…

11:18pm The boys resume playing and crawling all over me. Buddy is standing on my back.

12:26am Buddy squeezes himself between me and the wall and rests his head on my pillow. No concept of personal space.


2:15am The dogs start to bark but settle down right away.

2:45am The boys are actually asleep. It’s a Christmas Miracle!


3:07am Jingle toys start up. Why do these exist?

3:30am Roll over, Teddy licks my face.


4:00am A cat chirps away.

4:25am Roll over, Buddy pounces on me and licks me in the eye. GAHH!!

5:14am Someone somewhere in the shelter is licking…something rather intently and being quite noisy about it.

5:29am I can’t feel my legs. They fell asleep since Buddy has been sprawled on them.


6:10am Stretch and crawl off the floor. I feel like I have been trampled by dogs. Oh wait…

6:15am Pack up my bed and put Buddy and Teddy in their kennels.

6:20am Night #3 done! Off to work I go!


EXCITING UPDATE! Our friends at the Nor’Wester Motor Inn will match any donations made in the next 24 hours, so if you want to double your donation, today is the day to donate! Thank you to Dean & Tammy for always supporting our shelter!

If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
E-Transfer to (Please make password sleepover)

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Extreme Sleepover 5 – Night #2

Temperature: -9

Fundraising Total: $446.10

9:00pm Arrive at the shelter. Visit with volunteers who are just finishing their shift.

Notice a bag of blankets had been left out front. Should make for a much warmer night! Thanks Blanket Bandit!


9:15pm Smiley starts howling already, so I let him out to spend some time and give him a treat of soft food. He gobbles it up and then tries to dive into the garbage can for some more. I give one of the blankets to him so he can have a more comfortable sleep.


9:30pm Puppy cuddles! Oh the sweet smell of puppy breath.


9:45pm I put pupper back with her mom and get started assembling my bed. I’m moving into Gypsy’s kennel tonight. I open the door and she raises her paw to give me a high five.

9:53pm Bed made, Gypsy approved!


10:00pm Lay down with Gypsy. She has the biggest smile! Yay sleepover!



10:05pm The dogs are restless tonight. Very barky.

10:20pm I don’t think I planned this sleeping arrangement very well as my feet are sticking out the dog door.


10:25pm Dogs are still barky. Gypsy wants to join in. I tell her to resist.

10:28pm They look so peaceful, but looks are deceiving.


10:30pm Turn off the lights and the dogs quiet down but now it’s time for the feline frenzy. They come alive at night!

11:00pm Ranger goes into a sneezing fit which sounds like a horse. I had fallen asleep and it scared the crap out of me. My heart is just pounding. I check on him to see if he’s ok. He looks more confused than anything, but that might just be his face.

11:09pm I get up to turn up the heat and turn off the lights in the office. I step on a piece of kibble that feels like a piece of lego. How can a round piece have so many edges? Ahhhhhh the pain!

11:10pm Hunker down with Gypsy.

11:39pm Abby goes into a barking frenzy outside and gets everyone else barking.

11:42pm Still barking.

12:00am Aaannnnnd still barking. I try to tell myself to just ignore it…be one with the barking. Be at peace with the bark bark barking…AAARRRGH ABBY!!!!!

12:07am Either she stopped barking or I lost my hearing.

1:00am The cats are doing some sort of acrobatic routine or perhaps a demolition of their cage. The amount of thumps and thuds and noise they are making is unreal.

3:05am Big sigh from across the hall and creaking Kuranda bed as someone adjusts.

4:00am Chirps and meows. Thuds and thumps.

5:50am I wake up and check out Gypsy who is tucked behind my knees.


6:00am More cat chirping.

6:05am I roll out of bed, grunting and groaning all the way. This is me trying to be quiet. Searching for the cage latch in the dark…maybe I’ll be trapped here.

6:06am Got it! Freedom!

6:10am Gypsy follows me around and stands vigil outside of the bathroom. I appreciate her support.

6:15am Gypsy’s turn for the bathroom. Monkey see, monkey do, except I didn’t pee on the floor. Gah!


6:17am I give Abby stink-eye on the way by her cage. She looks quite guilty…she knows what she did. BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!


6:20am Feed the dogs breakfast. Mop up pee.


6:30am Night #2 complete!


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
E-Transfer to (Please make password sleepover)

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Extreme Sleepover 5 – Night #1


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Extreme Sleepover is back for it’s 5th year! Who knew that a silly idea could have snowballed into our organization’s most successful fundraiser. The past 4 sleepovers have raised over $32,000, resulted in an Off Leash Dog Park for the City of Meadow Lake, helped to fund Northern Animal Rescues and cross province transports, allowed us to help several medical cases, and kept our shelter operating so we can provide a safe and loving environment for Northwest Saskatchewan’s homeless pets. This was actually the first time I sat down and did the math and I am absolutely blown away at the amount of support this fundraiser has received over the years! Thank you to those who have supported the sleepover in the past, and I hope I can count on your support this time around!

Here we go!

Temperature: -12

Fundraising Total: $96.10

8:30pm arrive at shelter. I start rounding up bed supplies. Everything I am using for a bed was donated to the shelter! I am especially grateful for a fluffy pillow.


8:35pm Set up the foam pads and Quillbur feels the need to tenderize them.

8:40pm Bed made. Quillbur & Evee approve!


8:45pm I get some visitors who bring a donation. Thanks girls!


9:00pm Everyone leaves after some kitten cuddles.

9:05pm Check to see if my bed is still in one piece. The dogs have taken it over.


9:10pm Give all the dogs a bedtime snack.

9:14pm Someone farted and it wasn’t me. I swear!

9:15pm Quillbur drinks and drinks and drinks.

9:18pm Everyone is eerily quiet and it’s freaking me out a bit. The calm before the storm perhaps?

9:25pm A cat in the cage next to my head starts banging an empty cat food can against the chain-link and chirps. Please lady, can I have some more?

9:26pm Chirp chirp chirp.

9:27pm One of the dogs across the hall is breathing heavily, kind of Darth Vader-esque, which is slightly unsettling.

9:30pm Lights out, ample good night kisses from Quillbur and Evee. Time for sleep (I hope).

9:39pm Cats splash in their water dish in one of the communal cages. This explains the random puddles on the floor I keep finding.

9:40pm Someone farts again and I am overtaken with a cloud of toxic fumes.


9:54pm Buddy whines from outside and it sounds like he is having trouble getting through the dog door with his cone of shame he is wearing after his neuter appointment. I try to fold it so he comes in but he keeps backing away no matter how many times I say “It’s OK, you’re fine, I just need to fold this like a taco”.


I try squeezing out the dog door so I can reach and maybe slide it off but he’s having none of it and if I squeeze any further I may get stuck. That would be an awkward discovery for the morning volunteer.


9:57pm My taco folding works and Buddy is back inside. All the dogs celebrate with barks. Hooray! The cone of shame has been conquered!

10:00pm Sleep attempt: take 2!

10:05pm Quillbur took over my pillow and wouldn’t move, so now he shall assume the role of my pillow.



10:07pm Quillbur roles over and lays against my back. Evee is at my front. It’s a Jill sandwich!


10:10pm Evee starts snoring away.

10:34pm Quillbur’s stomach is gurgling. I think I have identified the farting bandit.

10:37pm Quillbur lets out a loud fart right by my head with such a foul blast that I start gagging.
11:07pm There goes the dreaded jingle toy followed by crop dusting from Quillbur.

11:24pm Someone starts howling. I think it is Smiley who just arrived yesterday. Saddest dog of life with the happiest name. False advertising.

12:00am A semi drives by and one of the dogs growl. I think you’ll lose that fight, dog.

1:12am Smiley starts singing the blues again.

1:30am One of the dogs across the hall lets out a loud fart. I laugh and then I am instantly filled with regret for giving bedtime treats. A thick fog hangs over the air.

2:04am Jingle ball toy starts up. Jingle jingle jingle. Worst. Toys. Ever.

2:37am A cat next door is chirping. Chirp Chirp Chirp.

3:15am Frig I’m cold. Note to self: find more blankets.

4:08am Smiley performs his second encore of the night. Arooooooooooooo!

5:44am One of the cats next door is digging digging digging in the litter box. You would think there was buried treasure in there at the rate they are going.

5:45am Nope, no treasure, just poop.

6:00am Roll out of bed and Quillbur greets me with slobbery kisses. I make my way to the bathroom and step in a puddle of water from the kitty cat water dish splashing festivities. So cold…but thankful it’s not pee. It’s the little things…

6:05am I pack up my bed as I worry there will be no foam pad left by the time I return tonight.

6:15am Night # 1 Complete!


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
E-Transfer to (Please make password sleepover)

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Extreme Sleepover 4 – COMPLETE!

Temperature: Warm and Fuzzy (Even though it is -36 with the Wind Chill) 

Fundraising Total: $9465 (Goal of $5000 reached and then some!!)

How do I even begin to express my gratitude for the unbelievable support that the Extreme Sleepover has received?


As donations have been pouring in I have literally been moved to tears, sometimes in inappropriate places. Like, who is that woman weeping in the hand cream aisle of the drug store? Or dancing and crying at the dog park? What a weirdo.


Last night I was able to sleep in my own bed, but my thoughts weren’t far from the dogs and cats I spent the past 6 nights with.


Our little shelter on the prairie is my passion. While there have been some difficult times, the good days far outweigh the hard ones. Sending animals to their new homes and receiving updates that they are happy, healthy and have made a difference in their families’ lives; That is what keeps myself and our volunteers going on the hard days. When an animal comes in injured, sick, abused, or abandoned, it is our job to fix them, nurture them, teach them to love and trust again and then send them off to a brighter future than they would have had before.

We make a difference.

We are one of the few animal rescues that are run completely by volunteers. We are a small but mighty group who share the same passion, love for animals and the desire to make a difference. We work damn hard to ensure that the animals in our care have everything that they need while they are waiting for their next chapter to begin. The bridge between their past and their future is built on our backs.


I am in awe of our volunteers who take time out of their already busy lives to make a difference in the lives of animals. Some amazing friendships have grown out of animal rescue. I always say you have to be a certain kind of crazy to be in this line of work. We may not get a pay cheque, but our lives are rich beyond measure. We get paid in wagging tails, sloppy kisses, and cats perched firmly on our heads and purring loudly in our ears. These things are priceless. When a terrified dog crawls towards you, low to the ground, licks your hand and wags their tail. Well, that’s just like winning the lottery.

There are some days when it literally feels like we are drowning in animals. We can adopt one animal and then 6 more will take its place. But then there’s you, our supporters, who breathe life back into us. You give us the strength and resources to keep doing what we love.

We literally have a shelter full right now. Between the shelter and foster homes we have 16 dogs, 5 puppies and 33 cats and kittens available for adoption.


54 bundles of unconditional love. Faces full of hope for a brighter future. I don’t know if they will all find homes of their own for the Holidays, but I do know that they are loved by many where they are right now, and we will do our absolute best to keep them safe, warm and loved while they wait, however long that takes.


Thank you to everyone who has supported this fundraiser and made it such a HUGE success. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Thank you for believing in our cause and thank you for helping us help the animals of Northwest Saskatchewan.


Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
 E-Transfer to (Please make password sleepover)

Or Online

And if you are looking for a new forever friend, please check out our Facebook Page and Petfinder


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Extreme Sleepover 4 – Night #6

Temperature: -16 (Feels like -28)
Fundraising Total: $4315

9:15pm Arrive at the shelter and yell “Honeys, I’m home!”. Barking ensues. (The dogs, not me)

9:20pm I let Dharma out of her kennel. She has no desire to go outside so she goes and pees on the floor drain. Excellent!

9:30pm I let Rocky out and grab some bedding. I am making another bed away from the dog doors. They are quite drafty, especially with the constant in and out and in and out.

9:37pm I pick my bunk mates for the night. I am in the belly of the beast. I may have made a terrible mistake.


9:43pm Rocky cleans up wayward puppy kibbles.

And washes it down with a cold drink.


10:00pm Bed Lunch for me and a special pooch. Bet you can’t guess what dish belongs to who!


10:05pm Loki was rescued from the same community as Aries and Sophie. Unfortunately he was on the wrong end of a pack of dogs and was attacked and severely hurt. He has injuries to his face, around his eyes, front paw and back leg. He was neutered on Monday and a drain was inserted to reduce the fluid in his swollen back leg.



10:15pm I let Loki outside for a bit and change his blanket.

10:25pm Loki is back inside. Bedtime Milkbones and lights out.

10:30pm I nestle into my bed in the Grey Cage O’ Doom. The cats swarm and my head has been designated the place to be.


For the record I have no idea of the names of these cats. In September we got in 3 adults and 9 kittens from a home outside of Meadow Lake. All Grey, Grey/White and basically the same features. There is a list of names on the door but who knows who they actually belong to. A couple of them were adopted but there are still 7 kittens and 2 adults left. Unfortunately the kittens are now at that rebellious teenager age that no one really seems to want.

10:41pm Dharma is crying and banging on her cage door. The Grey and White is resting on my ear and I can hear his heart beat loud and clear. Thumpa thumpa thumpa. Excellent rhythm.


10:49pm These two tech savvy kitties are trying to figure out Siri.

10:53pm Sandpaper kisses on my cheek. Loud purrs in my ear.

10:59pm Siri does not understand them, so the Tech Savvy Kitties have no use for her.

11:08pm Someone takes a swipe at my face to which I respond “Noooo why did you do that?! I’m a nice person!”


These kitties eat nice people for lunch.

11:10pm Someone attacks my hand. Ahhhh!

11:12pm After an incident with Lady eating my glasses a couple of years ago I’ve learned to hang them on the chain-link to keep out of reach of dogs. The cats see it as a challenge.


11:14pm I have made a terrible….terrible mistake.


11:25pm The cats are taking turns launching off my head onto my feet and back again. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a trampoline.

11:28pm Someone is playing with my glasses. I swipe them from the chain-link and bring them into my safety cocoon.

11:55pm Things are settled down as much as they are going to. Time for sleep.

12:10am Another swat to the face.


12:24am The cats are crawling all over me. They have no concept of personal space.

1:29am I can’t feel my arm as I’m laying on it funny. I am covered head to toe with cats.

1:35am I start wiggling to try and get the cats to jump off, but no luck. I just roll over and hope they are smart enough to jump off and not get steamrolled.

2:55am The dogs start barking. I roll over again and send cats flying.

3:04am Someone is in the litter box digging towards China. Dig dig dig.

3:06am A smelly deposit has been made. Now to cover it up. Dig dig dig.

3:09am Still digging. Just keep digging…just keep digging.

3:12am Another digger.

4:30am The dogs bark. Kitties are everywhere. Purring in surround sound.


5:39am The cats are playing with my feet.

6:45am The cats find my keys that fell out of my pocket…that I had forgotten I even put in there. New toy!

6:50am I crawl out of bed and peel the remaining cats off of me. One jumps on my back and digs his claws in and slides down as I stand up. Yeeeeaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!

6:55am Haul my bedding out of the Grey Cage O’ Doom. I leave a cushion as a parting gift. Not that they deserve it.

7:00am I let Dharma out to pee and she actually pees outside! I start my car with the prayer “Please start, please start, please start.”

7:14am I put some blankets in the wash. I check on Rocky and see he has started to dismantle my bed and has pulled out the stuffing of the cushions. I think he was jealous that I was next door. So close…yet so far away.


7:20am I put Dharma back in her kennel.

7:21am Night #6 Complete! (I ran out of fingers)


If you’d like to donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $5000 so I can get back to my warm bed, here’s how!

Donate by Mail
Box 944 Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

In Person at Meadow Lake Innovation Credit Union
 E-Transfer to (Please make password sleepover)

Or Online

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Extreme Sleepover 4 – Night #5

Temperature: -18 (Feels like -26 BRRRRR!!!)
Fundraising Total: $2965 (OVER HALF WAY!!!!! THANK YOU!)

8:55pm Arrive at the shelter.

9:00pm Let Dharma out to begin her puppy reign of terror. Everything is a toy!

The office looks like a very confusing crime scene.

9:10pm I dig into the popcorn left in the care package from Karen. What a coincidence! Dharma also likes popcorn!


(Notice the dumped garbage can in the background. Her calling card! Don’t get me wrong, she is actually a good puppy! But this is why foster homes for puppies are SO important! She has some learning to do!)

9:15pm Papa Grey helps himself to my popcorn. Go ahead…sure, I don’t mind.

9:20pm Vaccinate and deworm Greg. His impound period is up so he will be up for adoption. Look at that handsome mug!


9:27pm I put him back in his kennel and discover a pee puddle. Mop it up.

9:30pm I terrorize the Grey Cage O’ Doom a bit with some festive dress up. Revenge is a dish best served cold…like the North Pole. I went around shouting “Who is your leader?! Who is your leader!?” So my message would be received loud and clear. This is what happens when you disturb my sleep. Let this be a warning to the others!

9:45pm Since we have so many new dogs I take some pictures of everyone so we can post them for adoption.





9:55pm I let Litsoo out for his photo session and he promptly empties his bladder. At least he was kind enough to aim for the floor drain.




10:20pm I let Brutus out to run a bit. You would think that only having 3 legs would slow him down a bit. Nope! Look at that blur go!


10:30pm I let Jack out to run. He stops to pee on a few things. Mop mop mop.

10:40pm Dharma pees. I am sensing a theme this evening. Mop mop mop.

10:35pm Snuggles with Splash.


10:45pm I put away loose cats. The Elusive Grey Kitty is nowhere to be found.

11:00pm Found her! She thinks if she stays completely still I won’t be able to see her. She has mistaken me for a T-Rex…wrong! But like a T-Rex my arms aren’t long enough to reach her on top of the high cupboard so I leave her there. You win this time….and last time. You just win. Way to win, winner.


11:15pm I pick my sleeping buddy…Jack! He came to us after the RCMP seized him from a bad situation. He was chained up and the chain was wrapped around his neck 3 times and was becoming embedded into his neck. Thankfully he was rescued and charges have been laid.


11:28pm Crawl into bed with extra blankets. Temperatures are dropping yet again. Winter is here.

11:32pm Dogs are barking like mad. I stick my head out the dog door and Jack is antagonizing Rocky.

11:35pm Jack comes inside briefly and then right back out again.


12:10am The dogs have been barking steady. I go outside and close the outside gate so Jack can’t get in Rocky’s face. Because “Hey! Hey! Jack! Stop! Hey! No!” wasn’t working.

12:12am Jack goes back and forth trying to decide if he wants to be inside or outside. So far outside and a windchill of -26 is winning.

12:15am Get the dogs settled down just in time for the cats to pipe up.

12:35am Dogs start up again.

12:40am Cue the cats! All together now! Woof woof woof, meow meow meow!

2:17am Jack is finally inside and curled up on my feet. I move a bit and he heads outside again.

3:00am Saddest cat of life starts singing a sorrowful melody.

4:17am Jack is back. I pet him and he goes back outside. Is it me?

6:23am I wake up. Jack is curled up on the foot of the bed. He seems really unsure about the whole thing.


He doesn’t seem to have the confidence to come and cuddle so I go to him and pet him and give him scratches behind the ear and the always loved butt scratch. He flashes his giant smile.

6:40am I let some of the dogs out back and feed everyone. I let Dharma outside for a bathroom break.

6:55am The Elusive Grey Kitty makes her presence known with an adorable “mew” as I walk into the bathroom.

7:00am I scoop litter boxes and feed the cats. Dharma follows me around.

7:05am I put the dogs away and take out the garbage. Dharma refuses to come outside. -29 Windchill? All of her nopes. She’d rather poop on the floor, thankyouverymuch.

7:15am Put Dharma back in her kennel and Elusive Grey Kitty back in hers.

7:20am One more pee puddle for the road. Dharma, you shouldn’t have!


7:25am Night #5 Complete! (That’s totally a 5…can’t you tell?)


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